Description: A small outpost of the Mouse Guard
Area: The shore of the North Sea
Citizens: Conrad

Calogero was built as a single mouse dwelling for the Guard to watch the shores for weather patterns, predators, and to provide a port for sea travel to Frostic and Rustleaf.[1] The outpost consists of a pleasant, round stone house on a beach.[2]


Fall 1152Edit

In Fall 1152, the Guardsmouse Sadie was sent to investigate why the mail replies from Calogero had been neglected. When she arrived she was introduced to the guardsmouse Conrad. Sadie and Conrad spent the night at Calogero, but when they woke, they discovered that the outpost was under attack from crabs. After a brief fight, Conrad sacrificed himself to let Sadie escape.


  • The Guardsmouse Conrad was stationed in Calogero from the Spring of 1120 through the Fall of 1152.[3]


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