Em of Appleloft
Current: Unknown
Past: None
Gender: Female
Fur: Blonde
Profession: Unknown
Family: Family
Friends: Friends
Book Appearances
Living: The Black Axe
Dead: None

Em is an female blondefur. An aged lady mouse from outside Appleloft who enjoys a quiet life in the company of a feathered beasts over the bustling life inside any mouse city or town. It is her ability to charm and speak to many species of beast that lead to her setting out in the Spring of 1115 on a journey with her long-distance relative Celanawe on an adventure across the Northern Sea involving the mythic weapon the Black Axe.[1]


Quest for the Black AxeEdit

Em met her relative, Celanawe and they started a perilous quest to fulfill a family legacy involving Farrer and the Black Axe.



Long-distance relative:

Celanawe: Deceased

References and CitationsEdit

  1. Revealed on the Mouse Guard Official Site

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