Current: Elmoss
Past: Barkhamsted
Gender: Male
Fur: Blonde
Profession: Harvester
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: Legends of the Guard Volume 1
Dead: None

Fenton is a male mouse who harvests grain outside Elmoss. He was brought up in the small settlement of Barkhamstead.

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

Fenton is a hard-working peasant mouse that enjoys a good drink and friendly company after a long day out planting and cultivating. He loves playing dice games such as Swords, Diplomacy, and Strongholds - although he frequently loses.


June Alley Inn Story-Telling CompetitionEdit

At the June Alley Inn storytelling competition in the Fall of 1154, Fenton told a story from his hometown of Barkhamsted called Potential.


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