Current: Lockhaven
Past: N/A
Gender: Female
Fur: Creamy white
Profession: Matriarch of the Guard
Family: Unknown

Saxon - Betrothed (as of Winter 1152)

Friends: Kenzie, Saxon, Sadie, Lieam
Book Appearances
Living: Fall 1152, Winter 1152, Spring 1153
Dead: None

Gwendolyn is a female mouse and the matriarch of the Mouse Guard.

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

Gwendolyn's patrol years were short before she was soon needed to rise to leadership. Her predecessor died very suddenly and Gwendolyn became one of the youngest Mouse Guard matriarchs known in recorded history. She had inducted many of the mice serving in the Fall and Winter of 1152.

The weight of leadership fell hard on her shoulders in 1149 when the threat of a Weasel Warlord led the mice into an all out war. She hopes to one day have an heir who can take over her reigns.


War with the WeaselsEdit

During Gwendolyn's early years as a matriarch, she was forced to wage war with a hostile group of weasels from Darkheather.

Midnight's RebellionEdit

"Sadie, please travel to the northern shore post of Calogero..."
During the Fall of 1152, Gwendolyn sent three of her best Guardmice Kenzie, Saxon and Lieam to investigate the disappearance of a merchant mouse who never arrived at his destination. During the same season, she also sent the Guardmouse Sadie on a mission to find out why Conrad (an oldfur stationed at Calogero) had not replied to the Guard's mail.

The Siege of LockhavenEdit

"No, we will fight for and defend all that is ours."
―Gwendolyn to Rand
Coming soon.

Food Shortages in the TerritoriesEdit

Coming soon.

Funeral of CelanaweEdit

Coming soon.

Troubles in the TerritoriesEdit

Coming soon.


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