Isabel was a female mouse, a member of the Guard and the main associator between Lockhaven and various wild hares. Originally from the independent mouse settlement of Wolfpointe, Isabel's wild sense of adventure coupled with her ease around other species led her to the Guard and also to be one of the few mice able to mount wild animals.[1]

After returning to Lockhaven ahead of Lieam and Celanawe during the winter of 1152, the two Guardmice Kenzie and Saxon begged Isabel to allow the use of some hares in aid of a search. Isabel informed them that the choice was that of the lead hare, Gylham, and after a short discussion an agreement was made and the three mice rode into the harsh weather on separate hares in search of their comrades.[2]

After happening upon a trail of prints, the trio followed and came across a wounded Lieam and the corpse of Celanawe. After retrieving the Guardmice, the group returned hastily to Lockhaven.

The following spring, Isabel led a wagon of food pulled by two wild hares to a bear's dwelling as a gift of placation.[3]


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