Legends of the Guard Volume Two
Legends Volume 2 cover
Author: David Petersen and multiple others
Issues: 4
Publication Details
Date: December, 2013
Identification: ISBN-10: 1936393263
Preceeded by: Legends of the Guard Volume One
Followed by: Legends of the Guard Volume Three

Legends of the Guard Volume Two is an all-ages short anthology series set in the world of Mouse Guard.[1]


Plot Overview Edit

Inside the June Alley Inn, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, mice gather to tell tales, each trying to outdo the other. A competition, of sorts, begins. The rules: Every story must contain one truth, one lie and have never been told in that tavern before. With the winner getting his bar tab cleared, fantastic stories are spun throughout the evening. Legends of the Guard is a Mouse Guard anthology series featuring the work of artists and storytellers handpicked by series creator David Petersen, including Stan Sakai, Nick Tapalansky, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Ben Caldwell, Christian Slade, Rick Geary, Jemma Salume, Eric Canette, C.P. Wilson III, Cory Godbey, Bill Willingham, Jackson Sze, Justin Gerard, & Dirk Shearer to write and illustrate the stories told by the tavern mice.