Rand was a male mouse and a yellow-cloaked Guardmouse. After receiving a serious wound to his his left knee during the Winter War of 1149, his career as a patrol mouse was unfortunately cut short. This wound kept him at Lockhaven to act as Captain of Lockhaven's defences while monitoring the comings-and-goings of his fellow Guardmice.[1]

Rand relied on defence as his tactic for staying alive in the wild country. He would exhaust a predator by avoiding its attacks and then give it a fatal slice from the tip of his shield.


Battle of LockhavenEdit

Coming soon.

Assassination AttemptEdit

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  • Interestingly enough, the name Rand in its unabbreviated form - Randall or Randolph - stems from the Old Norse word Randólfr, which literally translates to Shield (Rand's weapon of choice) and Wolf (the Mouse Territories' ultimate predator.
  • Saxon, Kenzie, and Rand were patrol mice together for many seasons. Rand's shield saved the lives of both mice more than once.
  • Rand is based on David Petersen's real-life friend Mike Davis.[2]


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