Current: Barkstone
Past: Woodruff's Grove
Gender: Male
Fur: Brown
Profession: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: Legends of the Guard Volume 1
Dead: None

Vaughn is a male mouse and a citizen of Barkstone.

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

In the years prior to the Winter War, Vaughn was known for being eccentric, and for being a mouse of the drink. In the years since he has been known for crazy ideas and stories.


The Winter WarEdit

During the Winter War of 1149, Vaughn lost his leg as a result of defending his hometown of Woodruff's Grove.

June Alley Inn Story-Telling CompetitionEdit

At the June Alley Inn storytelling competition in the Fall of 1154, Vaughn told the story titled The Lion and the Mouse.


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